New Animation Up

2013-10-11 08:44:53 by Jaltoid

Hello Newgrounds!

Long time, no see. A lot has happened since we last updated here!
We're now doing a lets-play channel on YouTube. We've been working out our schedule for that as well.
Shit's been doing well though, we'll try to be posting here a lot more often than in the past. We haven't posted some of our newer Youtube videos simply because of the relevance. But we have a lot planned for the final quarter of the year, so stay tuned!

Today we will be submitting our newest video simultaneously with YouTube. Its an anime spoof.

New Animation Up


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2013-10-11 09:48:09

Sweet :) You guys do such a great job


2013-10-11 18:17:37

So basically this is what you can expect from the stereotypical animes right?


2013-10-11 22:33:18

that way


2013-10-12 00:21:27

I never seen ya did this good anime in years...what the heck did ya practice doing anime with Emi?And mostly...copy them from other Anime?Oh even created it into a very comedy anime things!YOU SHOULD BE ON TEH TV!


2013-10-14 20:46:48

I'm going to wrap this up in a bow and stick in my...


I loved it! Adorable, shiny, hilarious, spot on! *clap clap clap*


2013-10-16 10:10:54