2013-03-20 16:09:12 by Jaltoid

Hey everyone, we are taking a month hiatus!

But don't be alarmed. This hiatus is to give us time to animate! Not to goof off and do nothin'
What we plan to do during this time is make a buffer of animated shorts and release them weekly! How we've been doing it lately is submitting once we're done. It makes us a bit unpredictable. Once we run out of submissions we will take another break. While we are submitting weekly toons, we will continue to animate. That way we will have more to submit once we submit all the ones we worked on over the next month.

We will be submitting every Friday afternoon to Newgrounds and YouTube, at approximately 3PM EST. Our First submission will be on Friday April 19th.

Thanks to everyone for the support over the past few months. To the newgrounds followers, staff, and youtube subs! We're very grateful for the response we've received! It fuels up to make our animations to the highest quality possible!

Also enjoy this screen cap of Girl Gamers :)



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2013-03-20 16:32:40

Oh god dat screenie.

Anyway, take all the time you want. I'd rather have one well made animation per month than two or three half assed ones.


2013-03-20 16:39:28

It's like how the sequel to Alien is Aliens.
Because dear god there's more of them.

Jaltoid responds:

Ha, basically the same concept here too.


2013-03-20 18:14:05

More Jaltoid toons? It's like God cares about me again!


2013-03-20 20:32:34

It's nice to see a schedule of some sort for your next toons. I hope the second girl gamre is as good, if not better, than the last one.


2013-03-22 11:55:57

Bravo! Can't wait to see them! I always liked your animations. They've got great style and appeal! :)


2013-03-22 18:14:04

cant wait.


2013-03-23 10:16:51

encyclopedia dramatica front paged your comentor video on their site.


2013-03-25 11:31:49

He he :)


2013-04-05 17:52:16

Every animation you make is awesome. Keep it up ;)