February Overview! (Animating for Comedy Central's "Trip Tank")

2013-02-28 15:45:17 by Jaltoid

Hey guys, Its nuts to think we've only been posting here on Newgrounds for a month. One of the best decisions I think we've made! We'd like to start by thanking the users that decided to commission us so far! It really helps us a ton!

This month may not have been our most active month, but it was definitely our most eventful.

Newgrounds has been very good to us. We definitely plan on taking time in the summer to participate more in the community. Newgrounds related submissions, collabs, ect.

We Launched our website this month, with some help of our friend Alex!

Earlier this month we were contacted my Mondo Media. They were interested in taking us into their network. We respectfully declined. We feel we can handle ourselves as of right now.

Monday we got the biggest opportunity yet. We were contacted by producers of Comedy Central's "Trip Tank." Set to premier this fall. Its a show similar to MTV's "Liquid Television" from the 90's. But its more aimed towards comedy.
We had the pleasure of Skyping with them yesterday to get acquainted with eachother.
They are interested in having us pitch, and animate ideas for the show! We have already agreed to acquisition an animation. We still have to sign some papers. Although the animation is only 12 seconds long, it got our foot in the door! We have an opportunity to make animated shorts for Comedy Central!

Also don't let that alarm you, we have a deep attachment to the internet. We will continue to run our channel, and Newgrounds. Its possible we may be living a double career though. BUT, its all just plausible atm, nothing's official.

What to expect for March!

We'll be releasing the a mockery episode of our up coming series next week. Its slightly different from the real series, but more goofy and sarcastic. Its basically a parody of our own series that isn't even out. Yeah I know, that sounds stupid. That's why we're doing it!

We basically don't want to burn out, and we are using these other submissions as a way of getting new scenery. The first episode of the series will be some of the finest animation we've ever done. That's why were taking it slow, and in parts. We're working on it little bits at a time. Because grinding it would be rough on us, and we'd feel like taking a break when we finished it. That's not something we want to do! Plus we're working on it when we have drive to do it the most. To ensure the highest quality possible.

Thanks for readin'! We're hoping March has some hidden surprises as well!

February Overview! (Animating for Comedy Central's "Trip Tank")


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2013-02-28 15:52:35

keep up the good work you two! i look forward for more of your hilarious toons ^^

Jaltoid responds:

Thanks bud :)
We'll be sure to keep it goin'!


2013-02-28 16:58:19

Looking forward to the Fall season.


2013-02-28 18:04:08

Congrats on getting that opportunity! Nice to see great talent not being wasted. :)


2013-02-28 21:42:10

"Monday we got the biggest opportunity yet. We were contacted by producers of Comedy Central's 'Trip Tank.' Set to premier this fall. Its a show similar to MTV's "Liquid Television" from the 90's. But its more aimed towards comedy." OMG. I loved so much MTV for that thing (quite heartbreaking seeing the crap they emit now); excellent news for both of you definitely! Too bad that no cable provider here offers Comedy Central, but I do hope that it can be seen in their site.


2013-03-01 11:49:34

I hate hating you because you're good at... Things.


2013-03-01 14:47:42

Oh wow, congrats man!


2013-03-01 17:54:00

Aaah wow, I'm so happy for you guys! Congratulations!

I'm looking forward to seeing your latest work. c:


2013-03-02 06:38:21

Dude, congrats! Hope to see more. c:


2013-03-03 07:53:30

This is good stuff I'm going to keep watching till i see all of it. :)


2013-03-04 06:55:27



2013-03-11 06:25:41

Hi-5 with tenticle arm