Hello again!

2013-02-13 16:42:07 by Jaltoid

Hey everyone! Again, Thanks to everyone on Newgrounds for the warm welcome. We really do appreciate the overwhelming support we've been getting from The community!

If you have not seen our new Flash "Que?" Check it out!

We have a lot to think about in the next few days. We got an email today, and It may change the chores of things a little. Change for the better though! :) It could be our big break, and we hope that it turns out in our favor.
We don't want to get too into it, cause again it was JUST an email. But we may be on to something here!

Hello again!


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2013-02-13 17:40:31

I watched it. It was hilarious


2013-02-14 00:25:28

Always nice to see good animators that are original as well on Newgrounds.


2013-02-14 02:49:31

welcome to newgrounds :3


2013-02-14 04:30:56

Welcome one and all
(get it... it's a painful pun >:3)

But anyways, welcome to Newgrounds :P


2013-02-15 09:40:49

I just reviewed your latest submission. I thought your work was familiar, I couldn't put my finger on it but i knew i'd seen your stuff. Great submissions so far. You really need to make a series because the way you present characters is great.


2013-02-18 14:41:26

Nice ! :D !


2013-02-18 21:36:10

Adding you to my favorites. Kinda silly story, but entertainting.