Hello Newgrounds!

2013-01-29 13:38:20 by Jaltoid

Hello, hello.

For those of you that do not know us. We are an animating duo, known for our activity on YouTube. We thank you all for the warm welcome to Newgrounds :)
We want to explain our intentions here on Newgrounds.

As of right now, we will be uploading our content we previously uploaded to YouTube. We won't be uploading everything, only the better ones. We're trying to avoid submitting the exact same thing, because a lot of you have already seen it.

What we plan to do with these older projects is just fix the errors we missed, and correct any mistakes or weak points. So Newgrounds will be getting the "better" versions. For right now. But nothing too serious for now.

If future projects we will be adding extra content for the Newgrounds versions. It could be deleted scenes, more mature content, or even easter eggs.

The only past project of ours that's getting any kind of major work done to it will be Minecraft Problems. The artwork was very sloppy, looking back. We will be fixing a lot of the art, and even adding a new scene to it. NG exclusive.

These are our intentions on Newgrounds, we hope to get everything caught up here soon. :)

Hello Newgrounds!


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2013-01-29 14:28:41

Oh hey, i think remember one of you...
nnnnntk uh emi?
Yeah! i remember now!
You had one of your characters you needed help naming back a year or two ago and i just threw one out there then it stuck.

How've you two been?
last i heard she was working on a *non specific* project but didn't hear much until now!

Great to hear you both are out an about, looking forward to your stuff.


2013-01-29 14:29:07

Well, hello therrrr.


2013-01-29 15:04:48

your animations are very funny ^^
and pretty good voice acting too
nice to see you too here in NG


2013-01-29 15:19:09

i only watch your movies if they're porn


2013-01-29 16:41:31

Welcome to NG!


2013-01-29 17:25:26

Welcome to Ng! I expect many great videos (and games if you 2 do that lil' shinding) from you! Best of luck!


2013-01-29 17:35:04

congrats on your 1st newgrounds post making frontpage


2013-01-29 17:53:41

Welcome to Newgrounds!!

Some Advice:
-Watch out for the flame-wars
-Pay no mind to those who blam EVERYTHING.

Other than that, you should have a nice time here...looking forward to see your animations ^_^


2013-01-29 18:41:21

Welcome to NewGrounds!


2013-01-29 18:42:32

Y'all remind me of these two I used to know named Emmi and Dalton ha ha
Regardless, welcome to the community guys! If y'all ever need help with the site or an animation help (sound, voice, inbetweens) feel free to get in contact with me :)


2013-01-29 22:05:53

Just hurry up and get married already!

*(she's already drawing naughty pictures)


2013-01-29 23:25:26

Welcome, You two are fucking amazing!!!!


2013-01-30 12:20:18

I would kill to see Rare Australian Cat animated.


2013-02-02 16:03:24

PLEASE use swivel to convert your animations to 1080p MP4's! (send a email or a pm to tomfulp so he can allow you to upload them)

Jaltoid responds:

Oh we have fully 1080 Vids on YouTube, we're putting the swf's on NG.


2013-02-03 08:47:22

Yeah but I can't view SWF'S on my phone!


2013-02-05 13:08:32

I uploaded MP4 versions of your stuff so far so it will work on phones. We're in a wacky transition right now! You should definitely try out Swivel though, I think you'll like it.

(Updated ) Jaltoid responds:

Oh awesome, Thanks! I wasn't sure how to do that. Alexander is a bud of mine. I'll have him help me with that for future submissions, so you don't have to. :) Thanks for taking the time to convert them for me.

Also I was heavily interested in trying Swivel. The only reason we haven't yet is because we have a solid method to getting our videos in HD. I'm one that tends to fear change lol. We'll defiantly give it a try though. I've heard, and seen good result when using it!


2013-02-05 13:39:40

Can you make a shirt like that

Jaltoid responds:

We'd like to. But most sites that sell t-shirts have bull shit terms or service. Most of the quality companies claim ownership of the uploads, and claim exclusive rights to your work. Just Legal shit I do not want to get tied up with. I'd rather not risk losing our work/ideas over t-shirt contracts.


2013-02-06 07:16:13

Try Spreadshirt, i hear they're pretty good.


2013-02-07 14:26:04

u guise have my full support cuz u a cool and a buff and u doesnt afraid of anythin


2013-02-08 00:05:40

Welcome to Newgrounds!
Love the art style and look forward to seeing some awesome funny stuff!


2013-02-08 00:27:31

Interesting... I like what you're doing. Keep it up. Looking forward to more of your stuff


2013-02-10 00:33:48

hell yeah jaltroid on ng!!!