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New Video!

4/19/13 by Jaltoid

Hey everyone! Check out our new Video, its a sequel to "Girl Gamer"

Also if you didn't see our promo featuring Kim Jong Un, its worth a peek! :)

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New Video!


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Tons of thing that I love Jaltoid,is that it mostly,part comedy,part hilarious,and part awesome,witness SuperCodPlayer's voice is better than Pewdiepie...and we'll hope we se more videos...and how its gonna be awesome..!



Holy hell you're on Newgrounds! YES! I had no idea.

Sweet mama of wow.

I love your guys' content. Please keep it up :)

The girl gamer vids are cool have do you do it

Great job guys. I really enjoyed the sequel! Are y'all still doing layout commissions?



those 2 guys in the back are holding metal sheets



This sequel is amazing! good work

now help

first :)